WATCH: The moment waves swept boy band out to sea

By VANESSA ALLEN Time of article published Dec 24, 2018

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Musicians in an Indonesian boy band were swept away and killed when a 20ft wave smashed into their stage.

In a stark illustration of how unexpected the tragedy was, the guitarist and bass player of group Seventeen died as the tsunami struck the stage mid-performance.

The band’s road manager and a crew member also died, while the drummer and the lead singer’s wife are missing.

Singer Riefian Fajarsyah, known as Ifan, on Sunday night made an emotional appeal to fans to pray for their survival.

Footage taken by concert-goers showed the dramatic moment the tsunami hit the stage – hurling band members towards the audience and sweeping them out to sea.

Mr Fajarsyah, the only band member known to have survived, was initially dragged out to sea.


He told Indonesian media: "There were probably around 20 to 24 corpses around me." A crew member, named only as Zack, told how he survived by clinging to part of the collapsed stage.

He said: "Underwater I could only pray, “Jesus Christ, help!” In the final seconds I almost ran out of breath."

The band were playing to a large crowd in a marquee at the Tanjung Lesung beach resort on the western tip of Java.

The concert organisers said at least 29 people were killed and 13 missing.

Mr Fajarsyah posted an emotional video to his 260 000 Instagram followers in which he announced that two of his bandmates were dead and his wife was missing.

He also posted a picture of himself with wife Dylan, taken in Paris, which read: ‘Today is your birthday. I want to say happy birthday to you in person. Please come back home quickly, my dear.’

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