11.01.2012 Johan Kotze is escorted by police from the cells at Modimolle police station to an awaiting car to be taken to a clinic to receive treatment for his injuries. Picture: Graeme Hosken

“Burn f*****. You pig, you worthless excuse for a man. You do not deserve to live.”

These were the insults hurled by a heavily armed group of farmers at murder suspect Johan Kotze as he was led from a police cell to an awaiting car to be taken to a clinic.

Kotze, 50, was arrested on Wednesday in Modimolle after an eight-day countrywide search.

It was in the sleepy farming town that Kotze allegedly arranged the gang-rape and mutilation of his estranged wife. He is also accused of murdering her son.

As Kotze was driven off to the undisclosed clinic to be treated for head injuries he suffered following his escape on Tuesday night from residents and authorities, the farmers, raced to catch a glimpse of him.

Residents reacted with relief at his arrest. “That man deserves to die. He is evil and nothing good can come from him,” said a community police forum member.

Diederiks van Vollen said Kotze deserved to be hanged.

“He is a pathetic individual who deserves to be made to suffer. He is a coward,” he said.

Surinda du Preez, who spotted Kotze and alerted police, said she was relieved he had been caught.

“We were so scared. I can’t believe I spotted him. I thought I was dreaming. I thought I had seen the devil.

“You could see that he was evil. It was in his eyes. They were dark, dark and evil,” she said.

Pepe restaurant owner, Yvonne Silvestri, said she felt relieved.

“When I heard he was in Modimolle, I became afraid. I was really scared. We locked all our doors including our dog’s entrance.

“He is a sick, monstrous person,” she said.

Elize Coetzer, the couple’s wedding photographer, said she couldn’t believe the nightmare was almost over.

“I just hope he gets what he deserves. Tonight I can sleep again with an open window,” she said. - Pretoria News