The Russian people need to rise up against ’barbaric tyrant’ Vladimir Putin

Published Mar 4, 2022


RUSSIA is now officially the pariah of the world, their actions, despicable to say the least.

Vladimir Putin’s political stranglehold over his country is nothing new, it’s history repeating itself.

Putin is after all, a consummate autocrat, who has every organ of state under his direct control and all the appointees, hand-picked by himself.

The situation on the ground is very different, as millions of Russian citizens, are dragged into Putin’s military madness, a new age Genghis Khan, who has dared to invade an independent country.

The Russian people need to rise up against this barbaric tyrant, arrest him and his entire cabal of cruel men and women so that they can once again be accepted into the realm of civility.

Putin’s days are numbered. He no longer qualifies to be considered a member of the human race as his soldiers destroy the lives of innocent women and children.

Putin will go down in history as a psychotic megalomaniac.

Peter Bachtis Benoni