Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Retirement

Third edition on the shelves now. PHOTO: supplied

Third edition on the shelves now. PHOTO: supplied

Published Oct 31, 2023


Former Personal Finance Editor Bruce Cameron and former Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa’s (FPI) Financial Planner of the Year, Wouter Fourie, have released the third edition of their book: The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa.

This book is a valuable resource for people seeking credible and understandable financial information to navigate their retirement journey. When combined with suitable financial planning and advice, this book serves as a trusted companion throughout their financial journey. The book was sponsored by Alexforbes.

Dawie de Villiers, CEO of Alexforbes, said that the sponsorship of this third edition highlights Alexforbes’s commitment to increasing access for individuals to trustworthy financial information. The book’s content, developed by renowned authors who are leaders in the field of financial planning, has been continuously refined based on industry changes and valuable feedback from readers.

As a purchaser of the book, you are able to access a number of beneficial tools and additional information that will assist you in your retirement planning. These include:

  • Access to a range of sophisticated online financial tools provided by AlexForbs, such as budget, savings, debt, annuity, tax and life cover calculators.
  • Monthly articles are written mainly by the authors and retirement experts at AlexForbes.
  • Regular updates to the information contained in this book reflect, among other things, tax amendments, regulatory changes or product developments.

To further enhance readers’ experience, the book includes a QR code on the inside cover, providing easy access to the Alexforbes My Money Matters toolkit. This toolkit offers guided journeys and essential financial information, assisting people in making informed decisions throughout their working lives and beyond.

To access all these features, you can visit the website:

The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa fills a severe need in its offering by providing comprehensive explanations of retirement options and helping readers recognise when they may require expert support.

Not only has the FPI recognised the third edition of The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa, but it now also enjoys the support of Personal Finance, too. This endorsement underscores the book’s credibility, accuracy and alignment with professional standards in the financial planning industry. By acquiring the latest edition, Personal Finance readers will align themselves with a trusted resource that meets the highest standards of quality and expertise.

‘’We are proud to sponsor the third edition of this invaluable book,’’ added de Villiers. ‘’By increasing access to understandable financial information, we are empowering people to take control of their financial well-being and ultimately create a more secure future.’’