Many job seekers think that since no one is hiring there is no point in applying for possible opportunities and very often give up on their job hunt. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

The festive season is upon us, during this period recruitment does tend to slow down, this however should not mean that your job hunt should come to a complete stand still. 

Many job seekers think that since no one is hiring there is no point in applying for possible opportunities and very often give up on their job hunt.

Giving up on your job search can be a big mistake. Hiring does slow down during the festive season largely due to the fact that most companies will be closed for a couple of days during this time, and don’t see the point in making offers just before Christmas. 

Hiring managers may be on leave and often difficult to get them all available in one room at the same time.  

This does not mean that companies are not hiring. Hiring does not stop and neither should your job search. 

Do not think for a second that companies are not hiring, recruitment does not stop during the holiday season. 

Managers are making plans for the new year and will get final approval on their 2019 hiring plans and goals. Employers will often place advertisements during this period for positions that they need filled during the first quarter of the new year. 

For many retailers this is their busiest time of year finding themselves needing more hands on deck to cover the workload during the silly season. 
Use some time during the festive season to take some time out for relaxation and to freshen up your CV. 

The job market judges you by your CV, ensure that your CV is relevant and professional and properly highlights your strengths, experience and qualifications. 

Try implementing a job searching schedule with time set aside specifically for job hunting.

Employees do not often resign during December as they are holding on for their annual bonus. 

A popular time for resigning is January and therefore is a very busy time for employers, stay ahead of the pack and keep up the efforts in your job search.

Hiring is typically on-demand. If a company decides that they need a new employee or if a current employee moves on, they will not wait to start the hiring process. 

If you are hiring ready your odds are increased to be called for an interview and you will be in a good position to secure a position.

Recruiters and employers feel the decrease in number of job applications during the December period this may mean less competition for you as a job seeker in the market. Whatever the pace of recruitment is during the festive season, take advantage of this period to get your application in. 

There are fewer job seekers and fewer CV’s being sent. This could be an opportunity for you to stand out. 

You will get more attention from employers during this time as more time is spent looking over CVs, longer interviews take place and in general a more responsive hiring process all together. 

Job searching is hard work, the festive season is the best time to accelerate your job hunt as many job seekers decide to take it easy.

Although full on interviewing and recruitment may only take place in January, most people during this time are happier and more generous. 

Once the new year comes around hiring manager are fresh and more energized for the hiring process. 

Stay ahead of the pack and get your application in. The best time to apply is now to get ahead before that mad rush in January.

Mel Muller is a recruitment manager at  Kontak Recruitment