In this weekend's edition of Personal Finance, your weekly guide to managing your money:
  • Unit trust investments: our quarterly update of how the financial markets have fared, including the PlexCrown ranking of unit trust management companies. Also see our quarterly table of the performance of selected unit trust funds and ETFs over periods of up to five years.
  • Going to pot: Consumer writer Georgina Crouth examines how the decriminalisation of cannabis/pot/dagga/marijuana (call it what you will) is forcing insurance companies to relook their policy contracts.
  • Financial Rescue: In another feature in her monthly series profiling people who have faced unique financial difficulties, Roz Wrottesley tells the story of Grace, who is struggling to make ends meet after spending 16 years married to a compulsive spender.
  • Cost measure for retirement funds: The newly implemented Retirement Standard Cost (RSC) measure enables employers to compare apples with apples when choosing an umbrella fund for their employees.
  • All About Trusts: Our twice-monthly column by trust expert Phia van der Spuy.
Personal Finance can be found in the Affluence tabloid supplement that appears in the Saturday Argus, Saturday Star, Pretoria News, and Independent on Saturday in KwaZulu-Natal.