Your guide to investing in 2021



Published Jan 23, 2021


Most of us are investors, even if we don’t know it. Although you may not be actively investing your money, or at least saving some of it in a bank account, if you are a salaried employee you probably belong to a retirement fund, which is a form of investment.

The more engaged you are in how your savings are invested – be they retirement savings or any extra savings you make above that – the more likely you are to enjoy the magical benefits of compound returns and ultimately achieve financial freedom. But you at least need to know the basics of investing.

The January edition of IOL MONEY digital magazine provides you with the basics, pinpointing risks and pitfalls, as well as reporting on how financial markets are likely to fare in 2021.

For easy-to-read information about managing your finances, download your free copy of MONEY HERE!


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