New healthcare product aimed at students

Published Jul 21, 2022


Stellenbosch University, Alexander Forbes, and National HealthCare Group have partnered in developing a healthcare product specifically geared to university students not supported by medical aid.

MediClub Student Connect TM, a first in the student market, was specifically developed for Stellenbosch University students who are funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.

“Hardships created by dire financial pressures and an excessive workload can cause considerable psychological stress. This can impact not only academic performance but also mental and physical health,” says Dr Pierre Viviers, senior director of primary health care at Stellenbosch University. “It is with this in mind that Stellenbosch University, Alexander Forbes, and National HealthCare Group came together earlier this year to pioneer MediClub Student Connect TM , an affordable product that makes quality healthcare more accessible for students.”

Dr Reinder Nauta, executive chairman of National HealthCare Group, commented: “Individual stakeholders have a particular and detailed insight into what is needed within the underserved markets. It is in pooling our shared knowledge that we can unlock the greatest potential in what has previously been unchartered territory.

“Early indications are that MediClub Student Connect TM is fulfilling a pressing need for affordable, quality healthcare for young people, who are so often financially pressed and far from home.”

A national network of over 12 000 doctors, pharmacies and other providers supported by digital technology will be used to deliver reliable and accessible care. The service will be offered directly by tertiary institutions. Individual students will be signed up by the university and the monthly subscription fee will be collected by the university.

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