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In November 2014, Kosmos Carpets of Welkom installed vinyl at my house at the cost of R42 000.

I had gone to Vicky (the owner) seeking advice on wooden flooring. She suggested vinyl and I agreed, since I do not have knowledge of flooring materials. In 2015 we called her in to fix poor workmanship. At the end of 2016 we called her again, as now the ground underneath was breaking through the vinyl. She told me that is due to the old structure of the house.

As a consumer, I am thinking that she should have analysed the structure of the house to determine if her vinyl suggestion would work or not.

However, she stated she accepts no responsibility for the current problems.

Apart from the ground cracking underneath the vinyl, the installation was done poorly as other material unrelated to the ground problem is coming undone.

I asked her two months ago to come and have a look but we are still waiting.

Is there any recourse available to me, as I accepted the advice of Kosmos, believing that they are experts and would suggest the best product and fit it properly?

Israel Gabel

Georgie: It depends on the guarantee provided, as the Consumer Protection Act only provides a warranty of quality for six months. I suggest you contact the provincial consumer commission.