Illustration: Colin Daniel

Insurer Clientèle Life has launched a product that reduces the risks for your heirs when your estate is being wound up: the Clientèle Estate Preservation Plan. 

The plan not only addresses the need for an executable will, but also provides your heirs with a level of financial protection. 

The cover includes benefits related to immediate cash needs, administrative costs, executor’s fees and minor debtors, as well as financial assistance to cover monthly expenses.

Clientèle Life says research shows that more than 70% of estates suffer liquidity constraints that affect the timely and effective winding up of the estate, and only about 23% of estates have wills. 

Bart Wouters, the head of distribution in Clientèle Life’s estate division, says: “The Estate Preservation Plan provides a vital link between the client, fiduciary specialists and financial advisers, as it aligns all parties involved in terms of their interests.”