Picture: Independent Media

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has issued a statement thanking taxpayers who have already submitted their returns. 

At 8am on July 6, 341 356 taxpayers had submitted their returns, SARS says. The majority, 243 388, were submitted using eFiling, while 97 968 were submitted at a SARS branch.

“It is important for taxpayers expecting a refund to note that SARS has this year implemented additional risk processes to ensure both the legitimacy and the accuracy of the refunds paid. SARS has an obligation to taxpayers, as well as to the fiscus, to ensure that fraudulent and invalid claims are stopped.

“We are aware that taxpayers have an expectation that, once they submit a return that results in a refund, this will be paid to them shortly thereafter. It must, though, be noted that such refunds can be paid only once all processes have been concluded. SARS is committed to ensuring that legitimate refunds are paid as soon as possible,” SARS said in its statement.