Once, twice, thrice: View that home as many times as you need to if you want to buy it.

It is highly recommended to view a property more than once if you are seriously considering purchasing it.

It is highly recommended to view a property more than once if you are seriously considering purchasing it.

Published Mar 24, 2022


When searching for a property, many buyers feel they need to view a home more than once, but is this allowed or frowned upon?

The expert answer is that, not only is it permitted, but it is essential that you view properties you are considering buying, more than once, or even more than twice.

Karen Turner, property practitioner at Jawitz Properties North Coast, says: “The purchase of a property is the single largest investment you’ll probably ever make, so you should be able to view as many times as you wish and for as long as you wish.

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“The first viewing is usually on a broader basis, taking into account location, layout and getting a feel for the property.

“Subsequent viewings may be with an objective relative or friend, narrowing it down and obtaining more information, and looking at how furniture might fit and what minor alterations may be required.”

It is important to see each property on your list a few times, agrees property practitioner Cacisa Mgudlwa, who is also a town planner. Something might spring out at you on a second viewing, which you had not noticed before – and this might be the deciding factor.

“Try to visit at different times of the day, so you see the home in a different light each time. Additionally, do a drive-by in the morning or evening during rush hour to see if there is traffic build-up.

“Check the neighbourhood lifestyle, whether it is family-friendly or not. Before you make the decision to buy the house, check the demographics of the area, if possible, and meet some of the neighbours to find out more about the lifestyles of people in the area.”

Second and third visits are essential, says Matseleng Mogodi, founder and principal of Snooks Estates. Even if this represents extra work for the agent, she believes it can be done. There also need to be valid reasons for multiple visits.

“One visit is definitely not advisable, especially when you didn’t spend enough time checking out the house. It is, however, important to not become a nuisance because sellers still deserve their privacy.”

Echoing this, Jeremy Craig, Jawitz Properties Sandton branch manager, says: “Ask any questions you may not have covered before to confirm what your head and heart are telling you.

“Have a good look at the property again to ensure you have not missed anything and that you still feel the same way you did the first time around. Take note of defects – things that you may have to fix – that will guide you in making an offer.”

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