Former England women's captain Clare Connor will replace Kumar Sangakkara as president of the 233-year-old Marylebone Cricket Club. Photo: Marylebone Cricket Club
Former England women's captain Clare Connor will replace Kumar Sangakkara as president of the 233-year-old Marylebone Cricket Club. Photo: Marylebone Cricket Club

It took 233 years for the MCC to wake up

By Stuart Hess Time of article published Jun 28, 2020

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Oh look, women can too...

It took 233 years (233!) but the Marylebone Cricket Club finally has a female president. Clare Connor, the former England captain, was named to that position last week, replacing Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka. The MCC were about as male and stuffy, uppity English as you could get. No one with any sense of style would agree to that horrible red/yellow/stripe rubbish that is the club’s colours. If the 233 isn’t enough to shake you about the male domination at the club, consider this - it took until 1998 for 70% of MCC to vote to all female membership. Oh well at least they can claim they managed it before the 21st century.

'Takes the cake‘

Injury Times we do like Nick Kyrgios. We acknowledge that he can be a complete ‘goose’ from time to time, but hey, so was McEnroe, Connors and even for a while at the start of his pro career, Federer. Kyrgios tweeted his disagreement about the US Open happening while New York remains a hotspot for the coronavirus and that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests means the sport and its participants should maybe reflect it and they might work to make the sport more inclusive at grassroots level. And then there’s been his criticism of Novak Djokovic and his Adria Tour which became a virtual Petri dish. Djokovic, his wife, Grigor Dimitrov and most recently Goran Ivanisevic all tested positive for Covid-19 following that ill-thought through event. Kyrgios wasn’t going to remain quiet. “Prayers up to all the players that have contracted Covid - 19. Don’t @ me for anything I’ve done that has been ‘irresponsible’ or classified as ‘stupidity’ - this takes the cake.”

'Happy Water Thoughts'

The world’s top men’s tennis player had come in for loads of criticism even before that disastrous Adria Tour for some of his views regarding vaccines - which he doesn’t agree with - and on health. Djokovic has hosted on-line chats with people who hold some pretty outlandish views. Take Chervin Jafrieh, whose company CYMBIOTIKA sells herbal supplements that are supposed to help achieve “homocysteine balance” and “improve symptoms of depression,” according to his website. Speaking to Jafrieh via instagram last month, Djokovic said: “It’s the connection that you’re talking about, the innate connection and really being present and being conscious of the moment and being conscious of the fact you’re drinking water. I’ve seen people and I know some people that, through that energetical transformation, through the power of prayer, through the power of gratitude, they manage to turn the most toxic food or the most polluted water, into the most healing water. Because water reacts and scientists have proven that, that molecules in the water react to our emotions, to what is being said.”

To which Jafrieh replied: “They say if you had specific thoughts, specific emotions onto the water, if they were happy thoughts, if they were good thoughts, they created a molecular structure that had a geo-prism based on sacred geometry, meaning there was symmetry and balance. On the opposite end, when you give water pain, fear, frustration, anger, that water will break apart.”


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