The Conrad Seabi vs Justin Smith fight is just about wrapped and ready. Photo: Anton Geyser/EFC Worldwide
The Conrad Seabi vs Justin Smith fight is just about wrapped and ready. Photo: Anton Geyser/EFC Worldwide

EFC: Conrad Seabi, Justin Smith fight is just about wrapped and ready

By Julian Kiewietz Time of article published May 29, 2020

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The Conrad Seabi vs Justin Smith fight is just about wrapped and ready.

The two fighters verbally and in writing agreed to fight one another on an Instagram interview with Extreme Fighting Championship matchmaker and vice president, Graeme Cartmell.

Both will be using the platform to raise their stakes for a shot at Themba Gorimbo’s EFC welterweight title.

Smith (3-1) has been out for a while and has focused on his business since last stepping into the cage against Gordon Roodman at EFC77 in March 2019. 

That fight had an anti-climax for “The Power” after he was disqualified for an illegal strike.

Smith has since seemed more hungry than ever to step back into the cage after a first stain on his pro record following his dominance in his first three fights.

The young Cape Town-based DRC athlete  is now back in the fold and has his eyes focused on a rematch with Roodman as well as taking aim at that belt.

For him to get a shot at that belt, he would have to face top welterweight contender Seabi (7-5), a veteran in the game who is just as hungry to get his first shot at a title in his career. A fight that they’re both looking forward to and in the right spirit, too.

“Yes, my fight with Justin Smith is confirmed,” says Seabi, aka Cagewise.

 “We both want to hurt each other. I like it. He is young and hungry. He is also a strong boy. But I am hungrier and the most dangerous opponent he’s ever faced. He is a tough kid, but it is not his time yet,” says Cagewise.

“Hey Conrad, my big brother, not a problem. Let’s give the fans a show,” was Smith’s response when the match was discussed on social media.

The lockdown fight against the novel coronavirus has had a devastating impact on all markets across the board, especially gyms.

“Honestly, lockdown has been rough on me and my family,” says Seabi.

“As a fighter and a personal trainer, I can hardly make a living now, but luckily we have good savings to keep us afloat.

“I can’t wait to get back in the Hex,” says Seabi.

Seabi was upbeat about the new Fight to Fame platform that took to the streets recently.

“It is a perfect platform to help fighters live their dreams. As long as we have more platforms like this, the more fighters can put 120% effort to fighting and make it our life, because the money is not good for fighters to focus on MMA right now.

“It is time Africans (African fighters, too)  earn good money to help support their families,” he added.

Fight to Fame is a new concept based on blockchain, movies and sport.

The brand which is designed to create Hollywood movie stars out of real-life combat sports athletes is being rolled out to 200 countries and will see fighters enter a reality show where they will be subjected to several assessments including stunt work and acting training.

Fans can help their favourite fighters win by voting for them using special FF tokens

The winners will then be given roles in major action films.

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