Bernhard Langer of Germany uses a long putter.

Sun City – Two-time Masters champion Bernhard Langer has made an impassioned defence of long putters, saying they are part of the “progression of the game”.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA), the sport's two leading rulemakers, on Wednesday announced a proposal for a ban on long putters being anchored to the body.

Langer, who suffered from career-threatening putting “yips” in the late 1980s and reverted to a belly putter in 1997, said he was opposed to the decision which could ban the practice of long putters being anchored to the player's chest, stomach or chin by 2016.

“I am disappointed and I do not understand why they are banning it now after 35 years,” Langer said at Sun City on Thursday, where he was leading the Champions Challenge, the seniors' portion of the Nedbank Golf Challenge.

“If there is anything illegal about it, why did they not stop it right away? If you are talking about the history of the game and that long putters are not part of the history of the game, what about big metal drivers, two-piece balls or hybrids? Let's face it, it is a progression of the game.”

Bill Haas, the American who shared the Nedbank Golf Challenge lead after the first round, has used a belly-putter in the past and he believed the rule disallowing anchoring was fair.

“I had a lot of success with a belly putter last year, but then I became worse with it for a while,” Haas said.

“I don't think it makes putting much easier, but it may be the wrong way to play the game. You should be putting with your hands and the putter should not be anchored.

“There's a way to putt, but if people want to use a long putter, they should use them. I'm happy with my short putter now. It makes it more fun.”

Langer pointed out that, although three of the last five Major champions had used long putters, the game's rulemakers had done nothing to halt the influence of technology in other areas, particularly drivers.

“They have never banned drivers. That is what they should be doing,” he said.

“Are these big metal drivers part of the history of the game, balls going for hundreds of yards?”

Sweden's Carl Pettersson uses a broomstick putter and is also in the Sun City field, but he declined to attend a press conference when it became clear he was going to be asked about the proposed new ruling.

Haas said despite the threatened outlawing of the practice, he did not see it as cheating and, apart from Pettersson, he mentioned a duo of recent Major winners in Keegan Bradley and Webb Simpson who used the long putter.

“I've heard Webb talking,” Haas said, “and he says stats show that the top putters don't use belly putters.” – Sapa