The New Zealand herald has selected some great quotes from the sporting world this week.

“I'm not even the second-best batsman in my team.''

_ Hashim Amla is sceptical about his ranking as the world's best test batsman.


”I listened to the little boy inside me ... that boy was screaming for Man United.''

_ Robin van Persie endears himself to his new fans; maybe not so much the Arsenal fans who once idolised him.


“Pietersen and Strauss could have gone down to the pub, and had a beer and feed, and if they had to punch the absolute whatever out of each other, then so be it ... then come back and put your arm around each other and walk out and play together.''

_ The Shane Warne guide to sorting out team issues.


”Gav has had three or four years of fannying around and not being serious about his rugby.''

_ London Welsh coach Lyn Jones' pithy assessment of the charms of former Lions midfield back Gavin Henson.


“I'm looking forward to a really good coffee and maybe some Burger Fuel.''

_ Olympic gold medal-winning kayaker Lisa Carrington on the simple things in EnZed life.


“I definitely prefer drunk vomiting over sober vomiting any day _ a lot less traumatic.”

_ North Harbour's favourite son Luke McAlister, via Twitter, after battling sickness. – The New Zealand Herald