Padel4Good to host first-ever all-women event on August 9

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32 contestants showed up to compete in #Padel4Good #Part3 this month. Photo: FrankysFunkyFotos

Published Aug 1, 2023


Padel4Good hosted another successful show after 32 participants showed up at the Virgin Active Padel Centre in Paarden Eiland at #Padel4Good #Part3 this month.

In the end, Jack Myburgh and Karl Tomlinson took the spoils when they overcame Andrew Smith and Roy Sasman in the finals to secure first place, while Randall De Grill and Grant Powell went home as plate winners on the night.

Padel4Good is a Non-Profit Organisation that works hand in hand with NPO Enrich South Africa, the Ryan O’Connor Foundation (ROC), and various sponsors pivotal to the cause in assisting women and children exposed to and affected by gender-based violence, abuse, poverty, and hunger. The NPO uses sport to help assist and give light to its cause, and with National Women's Day coming up, the NPO will ramp up plans for its next show.

On August 9th, Padel4Good will host its first-ever all-women event in celebration of National Women’s Day (from 9 am - 12), as 32 women will compete for bragging rights in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town.

While all the shows thus far have been special, this particular event is very close to home for EnrichSA’s Gia Cawood, who started the NPO.

“My heart is filled with excitement and gratitude as we approach our first-ever women's event on Women's Day. This event goes beyond just playing the sport we love; it embodies the essence of unity and empowerment. We couldn't have chosen a more fitting date to gather and honor the amazing women who inspire us each day,” says Cawood.

“What truly warms my heart about this event is the deeper purpose it holds. It's a beautiful way to raise funds for the women and children we support through our charity efforts. This is a heartwarming testament to the compassion and care that our Padel4Good and Enrich South Africa family embodies.

“Witnessing the struggles and challenges that many women and children endure, we felt a profound responsibility to step forward and extend a helping hand. Our foundation was born out of a shared belief in the importance of compassion, empathy, and the desire to uplift those in vulnerable situations.

"Through our valued partnerships with shelters and organizations, we channel our efforts to where they are needed most. Working hand in hand with these impactful organizations, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and children in need,” added Cawood.

While all funds raised at the Padel4Good events go to the foundations mentioned, the event also receives major backing from established brands across South Africa. The likes of Samsung, the Real Repair Company, Intergro Technologies, Cellucity, G Tech Office Solution, HP Inc, and the Go Global Group have all come on board to assist in growing the sport in South Africa and subsequently helping where it matters, by protecting and uplifting the vulnerable women and children of the Western Cape and South Africa.

Padel4Good #Part4 will include live music, raffles, and prizes for the stars and visitors on the day.

The Padel4Good event will be one of two major events in Cape Town next month as the Africa Padel organization will stage a South versus North women’s contest at the V&A Waterfront with prize money totaling R60 000.

The tournament will highlight Women's Month, which South Africa celebrates annually in August. The players will be drawn mostly from Cape Town and Johannesburg. Africa Padel has invited female players to join the sports revolution and enter the tournament, which will climax with the finals on August 13, when the A and B teams will close out the South versus North showdown.

On finals day Africa Padel will offer coaching to 50 women players at the V&A Waterfront, starting at 8 am before a community tournament is hosted for 50 players. The main event will then kick off at 2 pm.


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