MultiChoice invests in future sports stars to sustain South Africa's winning streak

Published Dec 6, 2023


South Africa has recently emerged as a formidable force in global sports, celebrating remarkable achievements across various disciplines.

From the Springboks clinching their fourth Rugby World Cup title to South Africa’s men's hockey team securing a spot in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, the nation's prowess in international sports is undeniably on the rise and has put the entire world on notice.

Recognising the importance of sustaining this winning streak and ensuring a legacy for the future, MultiChoice, has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at nurturing the next generation of champions. Through strategic programs like Let's Play, the DStv Schools Netball Challenge, and sports clinics, MultiChoice is actively shaping the landscape of South African sports.

As South Africa continues to make waves on the global sports stage, with recent victories underscoring the nation's talent, it is crucial to acknowledge the achievements that have placed South Africa at the forefront of international sports. MultiChoice is committed to maintaining this momentum and ensuring that the future generation follows in the footsteps of today's champions through its various impactful initiatives.

Last year, players and coaches from the Ubuntu stream of the DStv Schools Netball Challenge (DSNC) from over 20 schools across the country benefited from two sessions of coaching clinics that were hosted by some of the best netball minds in the country in the lead up to the national finals. These clinics helped the netballers prepare adequately for the national finals and build their confidence by being surrounded and learning from professional players whom they look up to.

The DStv Diski Challenge has seen 275 players promoted to PSL first teams, with over 200 players representing South African national teams in international competitions.

This week, the SuperSport Let’s Play program MultiChoice unveiled a sports field at Vingerkraal Secondary School in Limpopo.

This marks the twelfth facility donated by MultiChoice in the past 12 months. This initiative, aimed at empowering schools, particularly in rural areas, is designed to cultivate a healthier lifestyle among children and encourage active participation in sports.

The sports field, catering to various sports, symbolises MultiChoice's dedication to bridging the infrastructure gap and introducing learners to a diverse range of sporting codes. The facility is a testament to MultiChoice's mission of fostering a love for sports and creating a pathway for future champions.

In addition to the facility, coaches responsible for sports at the school will undergo training in the latest physical education methodologies, ensuring optimal utilisation of the sports field.

In South Africa, school sports form the foundation upon which sporting nations are built. This makes schools sport an important focus area for sports industry stakeholders and, particularly SuperSport - a major investor in Africa’s sporting success.

As MultiChoice continues to invest in the future of South African sports, these initiatives serve as catalysts for nurturing the potential of young athletes and ensuring that the nation remains a powerhouse in global sports arenas.