FILE - Sports broadcaster Robert Marawa. Photo: Aubrey Kgakatsi/BackpagePix

CAPE TOWN – Popular South African broadcaster Robert Marawa is in ICU where he is recovering from a third heart attack, he revealed on his Twitter feed on Saturday.

In a video posted on Twitter, Marawa revealed he drove himself to hospital last week after not feeling well, and his stay was being prolonged due to further tests being done.

“I literally drove myself from home after not feeling well, and I said ‘let me go and admit myself because there’s a pain that is not making any sense,’ and within a couple of hours I was in ICU, and that’s where I’ve been for the past six or seven days,” Marawa said in the video.

“I’m in a recovery ward now having had the most unbelievable couple of days. When I say ‘unbelievable’, I say it because it is on the brink of life and not living. That is what it is,” he said.

The 46-year-old thanked staff at the hospital which was not disclosed and added: “Thanks for all the messages. We don’t do this to report to people and make it a public thing… A health journey is a personal journey, but I’ve always made it public that we need to get our numbers checked.

“I’ve always made it a public thing that I’ve had my heart attacks… they’re trying to figure out if there is a blood clot, which is why I’ve had to prolong my stay here at the hosptial,” he said.

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