Five bizarre things that could happen if Elon Musk actually bought Manchester United

Elon Musk is reportedly considering Manchester United. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/Reuters

Elon Musk is reportedly considering Manchester United. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/Reuters

Published Feb 15, 2023


Cape Town - Reports on social media emerged on Tuesday suggesting that South African born billionaire Elon Musk was considering a £4.5 billion (R98.18 billion rand) takeover of Manchester United.

Should such a deal go through, it will come with its fair share of controversy. Since Musk took control of Twitter in October 2022, he has attracted criticism for his decisions which included firing several staff members and reinstating the account of former US President Donald Trump who had his account suspended in 2021 for circulating misleading news.

The following are five things that could happen if Musk takes control of United.

Transfers decisions to be carried out via Twitter polls

Musk often takes to Twitter to make key decisions. His decision to reinstate the Twitter account of Donald Trump was based on the results of a poll on the networking site.

Should Musk takeover United, one can expect the club to gauge who they should buy via Twitter polls and not just the input of the coaching staff.

Ronaldo and Pogba back?

One thing that has become apparent about Musk in recent times is that he thrives on controversy and annoying people.

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba have been accused of disrespecting the club and many fans were happy to see them leave, don’t be surprised if Musk opts to bring them back to Old Trafford.

Expect innovative business

Musk is passionate about transport with one of his ambitions being to improve the state of road and space travel as well as make it more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Should Musk take over United, they will surely have the best and most stylish buses in world football. Super sonic buses perhaps?

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Mass firings

Musk is a polarizing figure and will not shy away from conflict or firing people. If he takes over at United, there will almost certainly be firings as he looks to steer the club in a business direction that he deems fit.

While Bafana Bafana legend Benni McCarthy has been doing a sterling job at United, playing a key role in revitalizing the career of striker Marcus Rashford, not even he will be safe if Musk takes over the club.

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Much more controversy

With the controversial ownership over the club of the Glazer family seemingly coming to an end, United will be hoping for less controversy under the new owner.

If it happens to be Musk, that is unlikely to happen. There will be more scrutiny over the club and he seemingly enjoys controversy.