Atletico Madrid's Antoine Griezmann. Photo: Albert Gea/Reuters

LONDON - Antoine Griezmann’s big chance to showcase his talents soon became a reminder that he may need to move this summer to take his career to the next level.

Nobody more than the Frenchman wanted Atletico Madrid to succeed, especially as he blamed himself for last year’s final defeat by Real after missing a penalty.

The 26-year-old was the last on the pitch in the build-up, peppering shots at a empty goal, and he looked just as isolated once the game had started.

In Real’s first attack after Cristiano Ronaldo’s first goal it was Griezmann who charged down the Portuguese, dispossessing him. It was a former Manchester United No 7 robbed by someone whose might one day fill the same shirt at Old Trafford.

Griezmann was annoyed with his team-mates as their customary high tempo was missing so while his movement was excellent and the weight of every one of his passes measured, there was no support.

There was a lovely flick to Koke but the midfielder was too slow to control the ball. Griezmann then clipped a free-kick to Diego Godin but he shot wildly. Again he got away from the Real defence but this time found Kevin Gameiro slow to his pass.

With six minutes left it was an exhausted Griezmann chasing back to dispossess Asensio. Nobody gave more for the cause but it was all in vain. Griezmann with better players around him would be a different proposition. 

This might have been the match when that reality hit home.