Jose Mourinho believes he is the best behaved manager in the Premier League. Photo: EPA

Jose Mourinho says he should win an award for being the best-behaved manager in the Premier League this season.

‘I am fully committed to win the award this season for the best behaved manager on the touchline. I am serious,’ said the Manchester United boss. ‘There are so many awards. They should give one to the guy that behaves best on the touchline and they should give the vote to the fourth official. I am pretty sure I would win.

‘I am not going from the bad one to the perfect one. But I try and I make an effort.’

Earlier in his career, Mourinho had a reputation for histrionics. But he has tried to be more restrained since taking over as United manager 18 months ago in contrast to some of his rivals, such as Antonio Conte at Chelsea and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp.

Mourinho will resume his rivalry with Rafa Benitez when United travel to Newcastle today.

Meanwhile, Mourinho says it would be a mistake for United to let David de Gea join Real Madrid this summer.

‘Do you think a club that is trying to attract the best players is the club that is open to sell the best players? It makes no sense,’ he said.

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