Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

London - If any goalkeepers out there hope to blame the new ball for a glut of errors in the Barclays Premier League, they should prepare to be disappointed - because it is exactly the same as last season.

Only the design on the Nike Maxim ball has changed and the cosmetic alterations were supposed to make it easier to see, for both players and spectators.

‘The bold geometric graphic generates strong visual power with crisp edges for players to pick up on during play,’ according to Nike, who supply the same ball to Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A.

‘Optimal use of bright colours and sharp contrast allows the ball to be more visible in the stadium and pitch environment.’

Perhaps outfield players are becoming more adept at making it swerve in the air, or the advancing boot technology has a made a difference. Whatever it might be, it isn’t the ball’s fault.