Safa president Danny Jordaan promised a new era for Bafana that will see a new name, new technical staff and a new technical sponsor. Photo by: Ziyaad Douglas

Johanneburg – SA Football Association (Safa) president Danny Jordaan promised on Monday a new era for Bafana Bafana that will see a new name, new technical staff and a new technical sponsor.

Jordaan said this was not a witchhunt because Bafana lost to Nigeria in the African Nations Championship (Chan) tournament on Sunday, but was part of a process he began when he was elected president late last year.

“I am fully aware that the national team needs urgent attention and we are dealing with the situation,” Jordaan said in a statement.

“We have a meeting already scheduled in early February where the team name, technical staff and technical sponsorship will be addressed.

“Big changes are underway at Safa, not just at the national team level but at grassroots.”

He said if the country wanted to build a winning team for the future, efficient structures should be in place from school level.

Jordaan said he understood the criticism that Bafana and Safa were receiving about the loss to Nigeria, but said many of the country's top players had not been allowed to take part in the tournament.

“Chan rules restrict the competition to home-based players, and some teams refused to release the players who might have made a difference to the result,” he said.

“This is not an excuse, it is the reality of the situation. We could not field our best team because of restrictions.”

Jordaan said he had carried out a sweeping review of all Safa management since his appointment.

“Things will change, and sooner rather than later. We are going to create a new era where South Africa takes its rightful place as a top African football nation and one that is respected in world football,” he said.

“This is the task I have undertaken, and I will not rest until we can hold our heads up in pride.” – Sapa