Women soccer players in Spain have gone on strike over a pay dispute. Photo: Albert Gea/Reuters

MADRID - Women footballers in Spain's top division went on strike on Saturday in a dispute over pay and conditions.

Players' union AFE, which represents men and women, spoke on Twitter of a "first and historic strike."

Last month 93 per cent of players voted to strike after a meeting in Madrid, with the AFE calling for an increase in the minimum salary.

A last round of talks under the mediation of the ministry of employment ended without agreement on Thursday.

"Today we players say basta!" national team goalkeeper Mariasun Quinones of Real Sociedad said in an AFE video at the start of the indefinite strike action.

There was support from the men's game. Barcelona's France striker Antoine Griezmann said on Twitter: "The women's football comrades who are on strike for their rights have all my support. Good luck!"

The Association of Women's Football Clubs (ACFF) has rejected the players' pay demands, saying they would pose problems for smaller clubs.

However, there has been an agreement on working contracts, with the ACFF increasing its offer from half-day to 75-per-cent contracts.