General view of spectators watching USA's Jack Sock in action. Photo: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

A young tennis fan who had US star Jack Sock's Wimbledon towel ripped out of his hands by a grown man has been found Wednesday after a social media hunt.

The bizarre incident, which went viral on the internet, happened after 17th seed Sock beat Chile's Christian Garin in Tuesday's first round match.

Without looking, Sock tossed his towel into the crowd, where it was grabbed by a youngster in the second row. 

But as he lifted it away, an elderly-looking man in the front row yanked down on it and pulled it off the boy in a five-second tussle.

"If anyone knows who this kid is who had the towel ripped out of his hands by the elderly man, comment his name so I can be sure to get him his own towel," Sock said on Instagram.

The players' agent said Wednesday that the young fan had been found.

"The boy messaged Jack directly on Instagram and is from Ireland," Mary Jane Orman said in a statement.

"He is gone home now but Jack invited him to his matches and said he will send him a towel."

The US, Australian and French Opens also offered to send towels to the youngster.

Wimbledon towels are a club shop favourite costing £30 ($39, 34 euros).