Ruaan Visser, left, and Tian Fick, right, were meant to go head-to-head for the SA heavyweight title last Monday. Photo: Supplied
Ruaan Visser, left, and Tian Fick, right, were meant to go head-to-head for the SA heavyweight title last Monday. Photo: Supplied

Will Insane Promotions be absolved for freak Camps Bay accident

By Julian Kiewietz Time of article published Dec 21, 2019

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CAPE TOWN – Following a thorough investigation and various meetings held with Boxing South Africa’ CEO, Tsholofelo Lejaka, Insane Promotions will soon find out whether it has been absolved from the incident which saw South African Heavyweight Champion, Ruann Visser suffer an ‘embarrassing’ fall this past Monday.

At the much-hyped Insane Promotions’ “Collision Course” event which was set to see the champion defend his belt against Tian Fick down in Camps Bay, Visser fell out of the ring after the ring ropes failed to support his 207cm and 119kg frame during his stretch and warm-up routine moments before his fight.

“This event has simply been declared as an ‘Act of God’,'' reads a statement from Insane Promotions and Jackie Brice Promotions.

Jackie Brice Promotions was brought on board to assist with Marketing, Sponsorship and Media relations.

“Following a thorough investigation, we can confirm that the promoters had complied with every facet of the law with regards to health and safety, including an engineer’s certificate signing off on the integral structure - including the ropes on the day of erection. From our side, all officials have been absolved of any responsibility or recourse with regards to the unprecedented occurrence,” says Jackie Brice after sitting in on numerous meetings with Boxing South Africa - the sport’s governing body.”

The outcome from the Boxing Board will be revealed early in the new year according to Mr Brice.

“BSA have agreed to work together with us for the continued and improved safety of boxers and the sport, moving forward.”

Ruann Visser spoke to Independent Media earlier this week and confirmed that his management and legal team were considering legal action following the embarrassment and injury suffered on December 16th, 2019.

“Yes i have a bit of discomfort in my left elbow and my left knee, there is some pain, but we are waiting on the scans to come back from our medical team to confirm what the situation is,” said Ruann this past Wednesday.

“I put in so much effort and training into this fight and this is something I would not want any boxer or athlete to experience. It was extremely upsetting for myself and my family and it should not happen again.

“We are not sure what is going to happen regarding the fight yet, but my management and legal team are considering legal action. It was really embarrassing and it could have ended much worse,” says Ruann.

“Much credit must be given to Ruann for his athleticism and observation shown as he hung on to the still-binded lower ropes with his heavily-gloved hands as he made his way to the concrete of the Camps Bay High School Hall via the judge’s desk which seemed to break his fall in a sense.

“Things could have been much worse had he not reacted in the manner he did,” the statement continues.

Insane and Jackie Brice Promotions are regularly in touch with BSA’s Dr Lourens - who has confirmed that Ruann’s injuries “do not seem to be of a serious and long-term nature”. 

Spokesperson Jackie Brice apologised for the delay in releasing the press release, however, stressed that the reason for the delay is due to the ‘thorough investigation’ he was undertaking to get to the bottom of the freak accident.

“It is too early to be announcing a new date for this event, but both fighters are keen to get back in the ring. They have trained so hard for this event and you can only imagine the disappointment following the accident that occurred,” says Jackie. 

“After the announcement that the fight was off that day, Tian graciously took the microphone to express both fighters’ disappointment and to apologise to the fans.

“He did confirm that he was getting married in February before going on honeymoon in March.

However, in that same breath, he did state - as he glimpsed over to the promoters - that if he had to change his itinerary, he would, just to please the fans.

“What a well-spoken, noble and polite ambassador Tian is.

“In the build up to the original fight, Ruann has since fallen in love with Cape Town, and has opted to settle down here, so fans can definitely expect some exciting news in the months to come.”

Ruann’s fall was unfortunately caught on a video which has then gone viral worldwide.

At the same time, this unfortunate event - along with the video - has caught so much traction that a ‘rematch’ could well be bigger than the originally-planned clash.

“It does seem like those in charge will have to secure a bigger venue for when this bout runs its course,” says the statement.

Insane and Jackie Brice Promotions extended their apologies and gratitude to all supporters, fans, family and especially the sponsors (BMI Investments, Midas earthcote and Bossa).

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