CCTV footage placed this man at the scene of a crime where important documents were stolen.
Johannesburg - The brazen break-in at the City of Johannesburg’s offices of the chief whip on Saturday is believed to be an inside job.

CCTV footage has placed a single male suspect at the scene who could be seen damaging two glass windows and a wooden door to force entry into the chief whip’s offices. The suspect was also carrying a backpack when the break-in took place between midnight and 1am.

Council speaker Vasco da Gama said he suspected that the intruder was sent to steal specific documents from the chief whip’s office

Da Gama said signs were that the intruder had been sent to steal specific documents.

“For the person to go straight to the chief whip’s office and open the doors is strange. Now we have seen the face, but we don’t recognise him. We are waiting for investigations to confirm if the suspect took information from the office or not,” he said.

The City offered a R25 000 reward to anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspect, said JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar. 

“The footage shows the suspect clearly, the matter is being investigated by SAPS and group forensics unit of the city. The city has offered a reward of R25 000 to anyone who can help with successful arrest and conviction.”

The Sunday Independent