Avidity Group designs tools to tell businesses more about their clients

By Gabriella Steyn Time of article published Jan 11, 2019

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CAPE TOWN – Avidity Group, a customer experience research and marketing specialist launched a full suite of products and services for any organisation that seeks to improve and integrate its marketing at all customer touch points.

The Level 2 black-owned South African company with its headquarters in Sandton, enters the market in the interplay between technologies, services and industry best practice to offer optimised customer experiences that are content-rich, predictive and highly personalised.

Molefi Moloantoa, chief executive of Avidity Group said: “Over the past decade, we have seen incredible advancements in customer experience technologies and best practices. Unfortunately, for many organisations, this has meant the adoption of a fragmented set of tools with little or no integration or coherent management insight."

The products work together to create insight to help brands learn more about their clients, for example, To see how long particular customer shops at a certain store, how long do they stay to help ensure a better consumer experience that is more personalised.

In an interview with Business Report, Moloantoa said that a critical part in the development of their products was the change in how businesses especially those in shopping centres would communicate with their customers.

Moloantoa said: "Customer experience is important because economically, we are not doing well this is evident with the many of retrenchments that were made so consumer exposure in the country is decreasing and this is because half of our economy is dependent on consumer spending." 

He adds that the focus has changed and is no on digital which are things such as social media, mobile phones and more.

"Technology has made it possible for consumers to change the way that they shop. Some of them shop online and buy things from overseas and it is evident also when they are looking for directions in a mall before you would just ask the security guard but now you can just use a self-service device to show you around a mall," said Moloantoa.

Avidity offers a turnkey solution which includes the provision of smart Wi-Fi and connectivity hardware systems, secure and legally compliant data collection software, content production, media buying and creation, PR, ideation, event execution and, very importantly, the training of staff members with whom the customer will interact throughout his journey.

Avidity partnered with Brand Alchemists, a brand activation agency to implemented a software suite called Avid Track and Avid Lead in South Africa.

Moloantoa explains further: “An end-to-end, ‘market of one’; solution benefits both the customer and the ecosystem owner. Customers find exactly what they are looking for faster, while the landlord, retailer and brands receive high-quality verified data on customers’ buying patterns and, with the help of business intelligence tools, predict their future buying patterns.”

“When you overlay services such as individualised newsletters, e-Gift cards, vouchers and geo-cached coupons, you turn your marketing efforts into revenue drivers, without over-marketing to customers.”

Avid Track measures event effectiveness, including dwell time, engagement and even conversion, with the use of camera tracking and other technologies. Avid Lead in turn is a trusted suite of lead-generation tools used in event activations.

“While much of what we offer will find immediate application in the retail sector, we have all services under one roof, from idea generation to execution. We look forward to adapting our solution in partnership with ecosystem owners in all other sectors to make real the promise of modern technology and truly individualised customer experiences.”


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