Cape Crypto launches Bitcoin trading mobile app

CAPE Crypto chief executive and founder Leon Kowalski. Photo supplied.

CAPE Crypto chief executive and founder Leon Kowalski. Photo supplied.

Published Jun 22, 2021


THE newly launched cryptocurrency exchange platform Cape Crypto has announced that it has launched an Android mobile app for the South African market. Cape Crypto was launched in Cape Town six months ago.

According to the company, the aim of launching the mobile app is to make it easy for anyone to sign up and start buying Bitcoin.

Chief executive and founder Leon Kowalski said: “We wanted to ensure we got to market as soon as possible, and that’s why we have prioritised Android first as we have seen the majority of our customers use Android devices. But our iOS app release will be following in the next few weeks, as well as Biometrics to make things even more simple and easy.”

The app will allow users to deposit and withdraw their funds in rands. According to the company, the app also provides identity verification and enables two-factor authentication.

The company said it has been a roller coaster six-month period in the world of cryptocurrencies. “Prices have boomed, then fallen, and millions of more people have become aware of the new potential, and pitfalls, of the technology which is moving ever closer to the mainstream,” it said.

The company is 100 percent South African owned, and it said it has grown. It said it is handling R100 million a month in revenue.

Kowalski is the former product manager at Luno. Luno is one of the biggest crypto exchange companies in the country.

The company said there was a massive optimism in the industry, and Cape Crypto is looking forward to growing fast and empowering South Africans to take charge of their financial future and have a stake in the future of currency.