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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Eulogy to the iPod: 'I never really knew you, and yet I’m still sad you died'

Rest in peace iPod (mini). Picture by Ben Szymanski/UnSplash

Rest in peace iPod (mini). Picture by Ben Szymanski/UnSplash

Published May 16, 2022


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to bid a farewell to our most revered loved one - Apple iPod.

iPod was born October 23, 2001, and was a dearest friend who saw many through the awkward stages of teenage-hood and nights of sleeping on the couch after being kicked out by the spouse.

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The iPod was a luxury only few could afford at the time of release and many of us looked on with envy (and our cheap mp3 players in hand) as the white earphones, at the time, was a signature exclusive to Apple.

But for those of us who couldn’t afford the entrance fee to that one-person party - it gave us hope, aspiration, and the kind of determination which told us: “One day I, too, will be able to afford the expensive earphones that come with owning an Apple product.”

For those who owned them, iPods were the only membership fee into ‘Cool Club’ for about 24 months but nevertheless provided you with the status that you could probably afford the next version when released and could renew that subscription.

As for me, I didn’t own one. I was bitter and sad that my R250 Aiwa mp3 player couldn’t quite match the premium quality, leaving one speaker broken after a week while lacking any bass whatsoever.

For the most of it, iPod lived an illustrious life, mingling with celebrities, gracing the world’s top magazine covers, and of course, being regarded as one of the most influential pieces of technology to exist at the time.

Lest we never forget, though, as with any celebrity or recipient of instantaneous fame, iPod, too, shared its own negatives.

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May we always remember the numerous facelifts and procedures iPod endured to keep happy - Shuffle, Nano, and the most important of all - Touch.

Touch, of course, laid the foundation and strongly resembled the iPhone.

Dearly beloved, many may question why we are even present today, never owning an iPod of our own.

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Nevertheless, almost no one can deny ownership of an Apple product or even one that resembled one.

Lest we ever forget the influence iPod had on all Apple products released since then while we pay homage to our fallen hero.

May Apple iPod, Rest in Peace.

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