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File picture: Pexels

5 entertainment gadgets for your home use during lockdown

By Floyd Matlala Time of article published May 26, 2020

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As many people continue to spend more time at home due to lack of outdoor activity and lockdown restrictions, home entertainment gadgets are becoming a popular way to get through these boring lockdown days.

We list 5 gadgets for an easy update to make the most of your home entertainment arena.

Streaming Video Box

A streaming video box makes it easy to get content such as your favourite movies directly on to your TV - so gone are the days of struggling with discs, cords or computers. There are brands offering streaming video capabilities - and most are very similar - so just opt for the brand of your personal preference.

Sound Bar

A sound bar is a simple and a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the sound quality of your TV. To function properly, disable your TV’s speakers and receive sound only through the sound bar. You should notice a marked difference from the TV speakers, without the hefty price tag of surround sound.


The latest and greatest in picture quality is 4K, otherwise known as Ultra High Definition. 4K resolution offers 4 times the total number of pixels of a 1080p screen, producing sharper picture quality. Although this technology is still very new, several 4K televisions are on the market and the availability of 4K content is increasing every day.

Wireless Headphones

Not everyone wants to see or hear what you’re watching. The best solution for that is wireless headphones. The user will get excellent sound quality, while the rest of the house will get peace and quiet. With a number of wireless headphones on the market, finding a pair to suit your needs and budget is relatively easy.

Universal Remote

Gone are the days when your coffee table was crowded with remotes. Now, one remote can handle all of your electronics. A television, DVD player, streaming box, even lighting and more can be controlled with one mastermind remote.


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