With the help of a few useful devices, you can put together the ideal home office setup to make working a breeze. Picture: Pexels.
With the help of a few useful devices, you can put together the ideal home office setup to make working a breeze. Picture: Pexels.

5 must-have gadgets for the ideal home office setup

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Apr 1, 2020

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Companies may have sent their employees home amid the coronavirus pandemic that’s sweeping the world, but that doesn’t mean workflow has come to a standstill.

Everyone is having to deal with the rather unusual experience of having their workplace crammed into their home environment in an attempt to work from home. Suddenly, a counter top in the kitchen where the WiFi happens to be strongest is your new desk and a precarious stack of books serves to prop your laptop up at a decent-ish height. To put it plainly, the whole situation is less than ideal. 

Simple things like a proper office chair or a quiet working environment are necessities offices provide that just aren’t always available at home. But, with the help of a few useful devices, you can put together the ideal home office setup to make working a breeze.

5 must have gadgets for the ideal home office setup:

Avantree ANC032 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones
R949 from www.loot.co.za

These Avantree headphones feature an "Active Noise Cancelling" function, Bluetooth 4.1 and high-end CSR chipset. The ultra-lightweight foldable design combined with high precision-engineered stereo drivers gives you a maximum comfortable music experience, and the opportunity to escape to a peaceful place when work duties calls. 

Rapoo M500 Multi-Mode Silent Wireless Optical Mouse
R300 from www.loot.co.za

No one likes working amongst the chaos of tangled cables and cords. Declutter with the help of the M500. The smart switch between Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4G ensures stable wireless transmission, users can still use their mouse regardless of USB port shortage or the loss of receiver. It is also able to simultaneously connect to up to 3 devices, and switches among them with ease. It simplifies complicated cross-platform use and meets multi-tasking requirements.

Macally NBSTAND notebook stand
R651 from www.loot.co.za

The Macally NBSTAND is a laptop stand with three easily adjustable angles to improve your typing and viewing experience. By doing this you reduce neck pains and headaches that are the result of a bad posture. Offering maximum stability, the Macally NBSTAND is made out of high quality and solid aluminum material with an easy to assemble clear ABS bridging structure, has a tilted design with raised front edges and a non-slip pad to give your laptop maximum stability.

Kensington Smartfit Conform Back Rest
R1048 from www.loot.co.za

The chairs we have at home were not designed for supporting your back for hours and hours a day. The SmartFit Conform Back Rest takes sitting comfort to a new level, with patented back support technology that works in nearly any type of chair. The SmartFit System allows you to customize the height of the back rest to your personal comfort color for maximum support for your spine and lumbar. And, since it’s portable, it can travel with you to the office once its doors reopen.

Orico M6 FireFly 6000 mAh Power Bank
R149 from www.loot.co.za

If you use multiple devices a day, from your personal cell phone to your work cell phone and Bluetooth headphones, having a power bank on hand can be a time saver. You’ll be able to charge your devices wherever your work setup may be based, whether there's  a plug point available or not. The Orico M6 FireFly 6000mAh Power Bank lightweight and minimal design keeps your devices charged without weighing you down. It offers dual USB ports with fast charging currents of up to 2.1A and multiple circuit protection protocols to keep your devices safe. This power bank comes with a 30cm MicroUSB charging cable.

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