Google Nest 2 gets sleep tracking feature that tells you how well you slept

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Mar 18, 2021

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Google has unveiled its new Nest Hub which also features sleep tracking.

The tech giant's latest smart home hub - which launches on March 30 but is already available to order - has a feature called 'Sleep Sensing'.

Google has noted how the feature can measure micromovements - such as your chest moving while breathing - to figure out whether or not you're sleeping.

Microphones are used to pick up on snoring or coughing, with other sensors determining the temperature in the mood and brightness of lights.

All this information is collated to tell the user how well they slept, followed by recommendations to help.

This includes a reminder to go to bed at a set time to help with consistency, or to meditate before bed.

In a blog post, Nest senior product manager Ashton Udall wrote: “We wanted to offer an alternative way for people who may not want to wear something to bed to understand their sleep.

“A lack of sleep can negatively affect mood, energy, stress, diet, productivity... the list goes on and on.”

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