Picture: Youtube screengrab
Picture: Youtube screengrab

Gamers can pre-order a gold PS5 for £8000 - yes, pounds

By Yasmine Jacobs Time of article published Sep 10, 2020

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Cape Town - Pre-orders for an opulent 24 karat gold-plated PlayStation 5 goes live on Thursday afternoon. The question is, do you have a spare £8000 for a next-gen console? That is approximately R173 000.

This comes days after Microsoft announced the XBox S Series and gave the price for Xbox X series and S series.

The only catch at the moment (besides it being a couple of month’s worth salaries) is a sign-up system for existing PlayStation users to receive an email inviting them to pre-order. However, no such invitations have gone out as of yet.

According to a tweet from Twitter user Wario64, customers can pre-order the PlayStation 5 24K Gold Edition on Thursday.

The source of this particularly hard-to-get pre-order is a luxury customization brand called Truly Exquisite. They specialize in personalizing sneakers, cell phones, and gaming consoles with various precious metals and Swarovski crystals.

There are a number of options that cater to the gamers willing to dish out this much for a console. The Digital PS5 ranges from £7 999 - £8,199 and the Disc PS5 for £8,099 - £8,299. They are each available in gold, rose gold as well as platinum. Players can also secure a gold-plated PS5 DualSense controller for £649, and a similarly gilded PS5 headsets for only £399.

Fans have been waiting in anticipation at the chance to ensure they'll have a brand new console on release day.

After the PlayStation 5 showcase in June, hype for the console has mounted as Sony set its release in time for the 2020 holiday season.


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