SA pro players share tips on how to maintain good gaming and life balance

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

Published May 19, 2021


Many casual gamers have dreams to take their passion to the competitive realm, and often, gamers do this by gaming from sunrise to sunset.

But competitive gamers do not recommend this and says its crucial to maintaining a good balance between gaming and life.

South Africa’s top competitive gamers from Goliath Gaming shared valuable tips to maintaining a good gaming and life balance.

Competitive Counter Strike player and CS team captain for Goliath Gaming, Ruan ‘ELUSIVE’ van Wyk, says its important to establish a healthy routine.

“Make sure you get enough sleep; eat healthily and roughly at the same time each day; and try to do some form of physical exercise (even if it's just stretching or star jumps to get your heart pumping) daily.”

Van Wyk added that gamers should practice with the intent of improving. “Evaluate yourself and your mental state each month and try to improve in areas you're falling short in. This will ensure you stay effective, motivated and balanced in your gaming and in life in general.”

Competitive Counter Strike player Adam ‘adM’ Mansoor agrees that a good sleep schedule is needed. “I've gone through phases in my gaming career where I've neglected my body of sleep or just a poor sleeping schedule, and at the time I could not feel how it was affecting me until I started sleeping properly. Going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier gets me in a good frame of mind. Getting into a better sleeping pattern was my first step to having a better and more balanced lifestyle.”

Competitive FIFA player Julio ‘ Beast’ Bianchi highlighted that time management is a game-changer.

“”t doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it can be an excel document or even a free app to use on the go, just something that allows you to note all your tasks and priorities for gaming or practise, and for day to day life. Life can become busy and overwhelming, and implementing something like this to help manage your time and get everything you need done will help a lot.“

Speaking of planning, Bianchi advised to put personal life and education first and foremost.

“From early on in my gaming career I was clear that my priority would be on personal life and education, and gaming and practise would fall into my schedule after that. Being a 4th year accounting student, I dedicate my time first to my family and studies, and once that is covered, I dedicate time to my gaming (be it practise sessions or training) – even if it means gaming and training only happens on the weekend or in the evening. If I feel I’m neglecting one aspect of life, I re-adjust my time and how I’m spending it. Planning is crucial.”


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