How you may watch 3D shows with your browser

By Fast Company Time of article published Sep 18, 2021

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A German start-up aims to make virtual experiences like 3D online trade shows available to organisations around the world, with nothing more needed to access them than an ordinary desktop or smartphone web browser.

“Our mission is simple: to help people easily create, manage, and produce digital environments,” said Hans Elstner, founder of Rooom, in a recent online press event that took place in a mix of the company’s platform and Zoom.

Before the more traditional portion of the press event began, reporters were invited to move about a digital world that looked like a cross between “Westworld” and “Avatar”, with animated birds, vehicles, and pedestrians amid a series of glass domes. Floating virtual billboards of Rooom execs loomed nearby.

The session was a demonstration of what the company calls its “experienceCloud”, which doesn’t require a VR headset or other specialised hardware.

The software relies on open standards available across devices and browsers, such as the graphics API called WebGL, although the company is also developing options for people to access its experiences through tools such as Facebook’s Oculus VR headsets.

“Not everyone has a virtual reality headset yet,” said Andrew Nash, the company’s CEO for the Americas.

“So rather than bring our own device, you can enable your everywhere experience on your device of your choice.”

The experienceCloud includes Rooom’s spaceCloud, designed for building virtual environments like 3D digital showrooms, virtual headquarters, or mock-ups of real-world spaces for real estate tours or planning purposes.

The spaces can be embedded in a website for visitors to explore, or walked through in a recorded video.

Rooom’s eventCloud is used for hosting events, and can manage not only the design of 2D or 3D presentations but also tasks like handling tickets and newsletters.

Still another facet is Rooom’s productCloud, ….read more via Fast Company


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