LOOK: Teen wins $3m prize in first Fortnite World Cup tournament

By Zoya Khan Time of article published Jul 29, 2019

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INTERNATIONAL - This 16-year-old from Pennsylvania has just become an instant millionaire.

Kyle Giersdorf, who’s known by his video gaming handle “Bugha,” won the $3 million grand prize at the Fortnite World Cup held Sunday at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

“Today was indeed the day,” he said in a tweet.

Giersdorf isn’t the only teen millionaire this weekend. On Saturday, Emil Bergquist Pedersen, a 16-year-old from Norway known as “Nyhrox,” and Austria’s David Wang, a 17-year-old who uses the handle “Aqua,” won the Fortnite World Cup duo championship, beating 50 teams. They share a $3 million prize.

Developed by Epic Games Inc., Fortnite Battle Royale is a video game where 100 competitors fight it out on a virtual island, with the lone survivor or team named as the winner.

Fortnite has become an international sensation, making Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney a billionaire. The game also sparked a rise in video-game addiction, where Lorrine Marer, a British behavioral specialist, said last year that “this game is like heroin.”

Nyhrox already has a plan for his winnings. “I’m saving most of my money, might invest some and I’m for sure going to upgrade my gaming setup,” he said.


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