Honor Magic 4 Pro delivers higher viewing quality with comfort

The newly launched Honor Magic 4 Pro is innovative and unique in so many ways.

The newly launched Honor Magic 4 Pro is innovative and unique in so many ways.

Published Jun 14, 2022


The newly launched Honor Magic 4 Pro is innovative and unique in so many ways.

Its features are addressing some of the major issues with smartphones such as the impact on the eyes. It delivers Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) of 1920Hz, the highest ever achieved in an LTPO screen. The LTPO display combines the benefits of both LTPS and IGZO resulting in a more responsive screen that consumes lesser power than conventional LTPS screens.

As a result of this feature on Honor Magic 4 Pro, users who spend long hours on games or watching movies can do so with minimal strain on their eyes.

In addition, its high higher dimming frequency reduces fluctuations in brightness and decreases the occurrence of screen flickering in displays that feature brightness below 90nit. What this means is that in different environments it adapts to the lighting changes to ensure that the eyes are not negatively affected.

The Honor Magic 4 Pro demonstrates how advancement in technology can be used to add comfort for users. In this case, Honor is leading by adding delight for users of Honor Magic 4 Pro smartphones.

This is seen in the ability of the mobile device to provide viewing pleasure while carrying advanced technology. This is also seen in the fact that this smartphone features a 6.81-inch LTPO Quad-Curved Display 4 and has maximised its curves on both sides creating symmetrical smooth edges to deliver an incredible grip.

The four near-invisible edges give users an immersive experience in viewing, gaming, and reading. The bezels are further narrowed to offer wider vision, with the top and bottom bezels measuring just 0.94mm, 50% thinner than the last generation.

Its design has been taken to another level to enable a better gaming experience and improved video viewing experience.

The screen displays 1.07 billion colours and supports a wide colour gamut of 100% DCI-P3, giving rise to sharper colours and a livelier gaming experience. With the HDR 10+ video source, each frame is more vivid. This is made possible by higher dynamic range and better colour display.

In addition, the HONOR Magic4 Pro is equipped with an independent MEMC display chip 5 and a self-adaptive HDR rendering technology that helps achieve automatic and real-time conversion from SDR to HDR. Using frame interpolation technology and AI HDR technology, the HONOR Magic4 Pro delivers a higher frame rate and enhances the video dynamic range to deliver the ultimate viewing experience.

All of this is achieved without turning the smartphone into a battery sucking tool which is something lacking in many devices with improved displays.

Priced at R22,999 the HONOR Magic4 Pro will be available in 8+ 256GB variant. Consumers can buy the latest premium flagship via Vodacom with a contract deal of R999 for 24 months with 1GB REDCORE and HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro as gift and via MTN with a contract deal of R999 for 24 moths which comes with Mega Talk and Gigs XS.

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