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Innovator puts Africa on the map with world’s first comprehensive social media network

By Yasmine Jacobs Time of article published Sep 10, 2020

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Cape Town - Nigerian born Joseph Onyero always had a vision to be the first African born to successfully launch a social media network and put Africa on the technological map.

To accomplish his dream, Onyero exhausted his life savings and founded Bebuzee.

With offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, America, Malta and Africa, Bebuzee is gearing itself to change the landscape of social media interaction and functionality.

“Bebuzee was hatched from an idea back in 2012 in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom and grew substantially from that idea to our present vision: ’To be the primary source of entertainment and blogs for Africa, Europe and North America,’” Onyero told IOL Tech.

“We’ve grown through specializing in videos, photos and blogs to include all of these in an integrated platform with more depth than YouTube, and faster growth than most social networking sites. And it’s all free to the user.”

The Bebuzee team wanted to find, host and deliver content for areas of the world now viewing and reading universal content - which is often only in English. They envisioned customized content for many languages and cultures, professionally developed – with the addition of locally uploaded content aimed at the local audience.

What makes Bebuzee different from other social networks is that this network aims to find an “audience of one”. Onyero explained further.

“Other networks attempt to expose the same content to everyone. We aim to find an audience of one – content that the user sees as created just for that person. Customized content packages that inspire and motivate our audience.” Onyero added that data protection is extremely important and no data is sold to third parties.

Onyero also highlighted that it putting Africa on the technological map is vital.

“It will be our purpose to pay particular attention to the areas of the world that are relatively underserved with excellent local content, such as entertaining free videos in local languages, and significant blogs that capture the imagination. We have recently launched a first of its kind content creators program to empower our young African entrepreneurs to build a global following and create an income stream. This program is limited to 10,000 people per country.”

Bebuzee has plans to take even further steps. The team has registered for an initial public offering in the United States to help expand worldwide more quickly and to provide more costly content – free to our users.

Bebuzee has also increased the server and bandwidth capacity to keep up with increasing demand. It has also hired local reps in strategic areas of the world, including Africa.


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