Film strip with negative images. Picture: Pxfuel.
Film strip with negative images. Picture: Pxfuel.

There's an app that can scan old film and turn it into digital images

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published May 18, 2020

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In a time before practically every cell phone had a built-in camera and digital photo taking wasn’t as common as it is today, people took most of their pictures using film cameras.

Most of them disposable, these cameras often had cheap plastic lenses, questionable film quality, fixed focal lengths but had a simple 'point and shoot' function which resulted in their popularity. 

However, unlike modern cameras installed in today’s phones where hundreds of pictures are taken, deleted and retaken on a whim, film cameras were (and currently still are) used more sparingly. But the biggest drawback will always be that the images captured could only be viewed once the film reels were paid to be developed at a photo shop then placed in an envelope with the negative images for collection a few hours (or days) later. 

Naturally, as the digital era began taking over at a speedy rate, those cameras and all the reels of film collected over the years were probably forgotten about. Whether you have them stashed away somewhere, gathering dust, or have simply been unable to have them developed because those little kiosks are no longer around every corner of the mall, you’re likely to have a few reels from decades ago that still need developing. 

With the assistance of modern technology and the genius behind these cell phone apps, you’ll be able to bring your classic snaps into the digital age for easy viewing, online sharing and the opportunity to revisit some vintage moments from the past.
KODAK Mobile Film Scanner
Free on Google Play and App Store

This app is built to work with Kodak Mobile Film Scanner. A simple backlight that allows you to scan your old negatives or slides in the size of 35 mm film.

It provides an easy and fast way to scan old-fashioned film material into your smartphone. The app can be used for black and white negatives, color negatives and positive slides. After recording, the app contains an editor for cropping, contrast adjustment and color adjustment. Finally, the image is stored in your photo library and can be shared with family and friends. 

Film scanner Pro
Free on Google Play and App Store

Unlike the Kodak app, Film Scanner pro scans your negative films without the use of a mobile film scanner. After scanning your negatives using your phone’s camera, you can import them to your album, or take a photo with the app so Film Scanner Pro can convert the negative film to a real photo, and present you options to editing it. Save the result with excellent resolution, without losing quality.


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