There are many incredibly affordable brands out there that perform at the level of some of the more expensive laptops.
There are many incredibly affordable brands out there that perform at the level of some of the more expensive laptops.

What are the top 5 Laptop brands in South Africa?

By Brandstories Time of article published Feb 11, 2021

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Not all laptops are equal and neither are the brands that make them. The laptop brand that you choose can be the difference between a productive work day and easy entertainment streaming, and a frustrating experience.

When it comes to buying a new laptop, there are certainly a bunch of things to consider, even though price often plays the role of the biggest decision maker. Aside from the price, other important factors are going to include things like the battery life, the storage space, the speed of the device and the various internal features that just make using the laptop a dream.

Some brands use better or more efficient parts than others, which tends to make those brands a little more expensive although you will definitely be getting what you pay for. And it is not to say that if you opt for a cheaper brand, you will be receiving an inferior laptop. There are many incredibly affordable brands out there that perform at the level of some of the more expensive laptops. It all comes down to what your needs are and what the laptop is capable of doing.

The 5 Best Brands for South Africa

1. Dell

Dell is a great choice for first time laptop owners as well as those who are looking for a replacement. As a brand, they have come a long way and built firmly on their reputation for manufacturing tech products that are more than able to stand the test of time. To make things easy for their clients, they have a catalogue of products dedicated to those working in the office and another catalogue of products made for home use.

Each of the components found in a Dell are the result of sourcing and in some cases manufacturing the very best that the industry has to offer, and as such, Dell’s products are always able to live up to performance expectations. Dell has an office in South Africa, and those who buy Dell products can look forward to excellent support when they need it.

The lightweight design of these laptops allows you to easily take this laptop with you when you are on the move.

Popular Dell Laptops

The Dell PowerConnect, Inspirion, and Alienware are among the best known and most popular Dell laptop ranges. Prices vary but each range is designed with a specific purpose in mind, so choose carefully.

2. HP

HP has a formidable reputation for manufacturing phenomenal laptops that stand the test of time. They have one of the widest ranges of laptops on today’s market and their laptops are suitable for students, the office, and the home, and there are also a few models that work well as gaming laptops.

HP is not only popular for its extensive range of high performing laptops, but they are also known for their printers, desktop computers, and their monitors. Pulling on years of industry experience and support from global partners, HP is continuously innovating.

Popular HP Laptops

Some of their popular ranges include the EliteBook, ENVY, ProBook, ZBook, OMEN, Pavilion and Spectre. Each range is kitted out with the latest technology though in some cases, battery life can be an issue to look out for when it comes to HP.

3. Acer

Acer is well known for their gaming laptops and they are equally known for their dedication to keeping prices low. Those looking to buy on a budget will easily find the ideal laptop for their needs among the many Acer models. The models range from ultra-thin to your classic laptop.

And like their competitors, Acer has divided their laptops into two specific ranges; one for the home and one for the office.

Popular Acer Laptops

The Acer laptop ranges that have time and again been featured on the bestselling lists include the Swift which is designed to be mobile, the Spin which is made with the designer in mind, the Aspire collection which is for the professional, and the Nitro range which has been designed for the causal gamer. Acer also features the popular Chromebook range which is rather versatile.


A laptop that works as well in the office as it does for gaming, ASUS is a great option if you are on the hunt for excellent performance. ASUS laptops are marketed to all kinds of users and they have a specific range just for students, home use and office use. Their laptops cater to those who have individual needs as well, so when selecting an ASUS laptop, you can pick one based on performance, content creation requirements, weight, battery capabilities, and screen types.

Along with manufacturing laptops, ASUS also has a range of desktop products include motherboards and inner PC components, all made with the same dedication to perfection that they put into their spectacular laptop selection.

Popular ASUS Laptops

Every ASUS laptop is tremendously stylish and some of the most popular ranges include the ZenBook, the ChromeBook, the VivoBook and the ProArt StudioBook.

5. Lenovo

Lenovo is a versatile brand that manufactures a fantastic range of products. The company prides itself on being ahead of the game and by being committed to innovation it has created a powerful reputation for being among the best in the business. They have offices all over the world, and lean on their global power base to come up with exciting new ideas for their latest products. Lenovo has a laptop to suit each and every need, from the top level executive needing a fast performing work laptop down to the student in need of a laptop to keep up to date with the tasks and research.

Lenovo doesn’t just manufacture a brilliant laptops. They are also known for their smart phones and their high performing tablets. This is a brand that is made to last and if you are buying on a limited budget, you can easily find the ideal laptop for your needs.

Popular Lenovo Laptops

Among the popular Lenovo laptop ranges you will find the ThinkPad, the IdeaPad, Yoga and Legion.

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