Of course, nothing is ever that simple. 2020 has proved that in spectacular fashion.
Of course, nothing is ever that simple. 2020 has proved that in spectacular fashion.

What would your business sacrifice for simplicity?

By Brandstories Time of article published Jul 29, 2021

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We hear you. Business is becoming more complex. Digital transformation has changed the world of work forever, and leaders crave simplicity. The promise of technology has always been to make life simpler, so why is IT infrastructure such a headache?

Simplifying the data centre with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) delivered a no-brainer agility boost—but with serious overheads in terms of lack of flexibility and management. The new kind of simple gives you:

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Time savings
  • Better user experiences
  • Faster time to market

What are we talking about?

The evolution of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). It’s simple, really.

Anything for an easy life

That was the thinking behind HCI 1.0.

The first generation of hyper-converged infrastructure combined server hardware and locally attached storage with intelligent software. You got (supposedly) hassle-free, flexible building blocks—think ‘plug and play’—instead of all those inefficient legacy servers, networks and storage arrays.

Want more compute and storage? Just add another node.

Great. Except what if you only need more storage or more compute right now, not both? Nope, sorry, with the old HCI you had to provision and pay for both. And what about those nagging performance and reliability concerns? Erm, never mind…

You were paying for a compromise, basically. And that was fine. Operational simplicity. General purpose. Plug it in and forget about it.

HCI was ‘good enough’.

What are you prepared to sacrifice for simplicity?

Of course, nothing is ever that simple. 2020 has proved that in spectacular fashion.

Some might say that lower performance and unconvincing uptime were always a recipe for disaster. Or at the very least, dissatisfied customers. And all those wasted resources were bound to raise eyebrows at some point.

Times have changed. We’ve all had a wakeup call.

Now HCI 1.0 is only good for businesses with unlimited budgets and limited imagination for risk, or, for that matter, opportunity.

Introducing the next generation of hyper-converged infrastructure

Fortunately, innovation has risen to the occasion. Say hello to HCI 2.0.

HCI 2.0 delivers all the benefits promised by HCI 1.0, and more. The crucial difference? With HCI 2.0, storage and compute are disaggregated. That means you can add as much—or as little—storage or compute as you need.

Along with all that super-efficient, flexible scale, you also get enterprise-level speed and absolute resilience. HCI 2.0 takes just 15 minutes to deploy, from rack to apps,¹ and boasts up to a 93% reduction in time spent to deploy, manage, and scale storage².

That means your business can respond faster to changing conditions, without ever spending on storage or compute you don’t need.

That new data hungry project you’re working on? Just add more storage.

The compute-heavy app that’s going to help you seize market opportunity? Just add more compute.

With HCI 2.0, you accelerate time to market—while putting the brakes on waste. And, because it’s underpinned by HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, you can do it all with 99.9999% availability³.

To make it even easier, all that ultra-flexible IT manages itself, with HPE InfoSight—our AI-powered autonomous monitoring and management platform. And, of course, HPE’s market-leading support.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Before you do anything else, take a look below and see if any of these resonate right now:

“I need to move a lot faster and put IT ahead of business initiatives for once.”

“If I could get help and expertise with the routine stuff, our people could do so much more.”

“I need to align our costs to business benefits, and I’m constrained by our capital budget.”

“I’m worried about our ability to control performance, security, compliance, and our data.”

If it’s a ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, then HCI 2.0 is designed for you. Increased business agility. Simpler IT. Lower costs. Proper control.

Find out how HPE HCI 2.0 can really make doing business simpler.


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