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People will be able to 'shake hands' on virtual calls, Zoom founder predicts

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Dec 4, 2020

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Zoom founder Eric Yuan has predicted people will be able to "shake hands" through video calls.

The video conferencing platform's CEO has opened up on the potential for the software, and how integrating AI and VR can help bring people together by introducing a physical aspect to virtual meetings.

Speaking to Business Insider editor Alyson Shontell during the Web Summit tech conference, he said: "We believe that video conferencing tools like Zoom can deliver a better experience than face-to-face meetings in the future.

"I'll be able to shake hands with you and, if we speak different languages, with AI we'll be able to understand each other."

He suggested that 5G networks could also help develop the technology, and explained how augmented reality could allow for a richer interaction.

He added: "We’ll feel like we’re sitting in that same Starbucks coffee and drinking a coffee together.

“Anyone, no matter where they are, will always feel like they’re in the same place together.”

Zoom has become increasingly popular during the pandemic, but Yuan pointed to the benefits to virtual meetings when it comes to "climate change" and "productivity".

He said: "I believe the way we work, and live, and learn, and play is very different now. Let's say the pandemic is over tomorrow.

"Do we all go back to the office? I don't think every employee will go back to the office. It's very likely we'll end up with a hybrid.

"Because it's good for climate change and it's good for productivity. That's why I think a tool like Zoom will stay."

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