Silicon Durbs aims to bring tech entrepreneurship and innovation to Africa

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Nov 2, 2020

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Silicon Durbs has called on businesses, individuals, local and international stakeholders to bring technology entrepreneurship and technology innovation economic transformation to Africa.

“When we launched Silicon Durbs two years ago we had a vision to developed the city of Durban to be the connector of Africa and lead the economic transformation in Africa through technology entrepreneurship. The past two years were a lesson for us to not understand how we can implement our vision but also a lesson that gave us a better understanding of the problem we are solving and how we can solve it better by offering a better solution to it. Throughout our journey at Silicon Durbs we saw that the problem that we need to focus on solving as ecosystem builders in economic transformation driven by tech entrepreneurship and technology innovation instead of building tech startup ecosystems because they do not exist,” said Silicon Durbs in a statement.

“We learned that a collaborative environment is key for tech startup ecosystems to succeed in Africa. On the other side we had hard times of breaking out of Durban with our Silicon Durbs brand as it only served the interest of Durban. We subjected our selves to unnecessary politics because we could not foresee our future growth when we were developing the Silicon Durbs brand.”

The rebranding and repurposing of Silicon Durbs' mission to Silicon Africa will give the organization an opportunity to take its two years experience to cities across the continent over the next 5 to ten years.

The plan for silicon Africa is to work with municipalities especially in cities that are economic hubs for their provinces to setup plans and that will be framework for each city to bring economic transformation driven by technology entrepreneurship and technology innovation.


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