File picture: IANS
File picture: IANS

Video calls also learning curve for young adults, says German study

By Larissa Schwedes and and Rachel More Time of article published May 18, 2020

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Cologne - The coronavirus pandemic has been credited in Germany with pushing the country closer towards its digital communications goals - but a new study shows that the changes have been a learning curve even for younger people in the country.

With strict quarantine measures implemented around the world, people are constantly searching for effective means of communicating with each other. 

With its reported ease of use, Zoom quickly rose in popularity.

Adults aged between 18 and 29, known as "digital natives" because they grew up with the internet, may be more tech savvy than their elders, but they too have entered new territory in recent months, according to the survey commissioned by price-comparison website Verivox.

Forty per cent of people in that bracket said they made a video phonecall for the first time during the pandemic, which has prompted the government to largely ban socializing in person.

One in four said that virtual parties with friends and family were also a new experience, according to the representative poll.

The crisis has meant uncharted territories in the domain of digital learning and home fitness, with just under 30 per cent reporting that they had listened for the first time to an online lecture or talk, while over 30 per cent had taken part in a virtual fitness class.

Almost 60 per cent of young adults said they were keen to use more video calls in the future, even after the crisis is over, while over half plan to pick up the telephone more in general.


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