Primarily a gamer, Grant Hinds is a local YouTuber who also specialises in tech reviews.
Photo: File
Primarily a gamer, Grant Hinds is a local YouTuber who also specialises in tech reviews. Photo: File

YouTube channels and podcasts you should be spending your data on

By Luther de Lange and Nneka Jonas Time of article published Mar 5, 2020

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DURBAN  - Data is expensive. If you did not know that, you are either new to South Africa or you are a trillionaire. Jokes aside, having the option to choose what you want to watch or listen to at any time is hands down, one of the best things.

You can immerse yourself in a murder mystery or nerd out on the neuroscience behind meditation. Whatever your curiosity there is a podcast for it.

Thanks to the podcast and YouTubes channel, different types of content creators from around the world have a space to produce award winning work. From fashion, travel, religion, to beauty and gaming, the internet isa hub of activity.

Here are some content creators and platforms worthy of your data.

YouTube Channels

UFC Embedded

In high school, I saw a gruesome and bloody Ultimate Fighting Championship bout. I fell in love with the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) on the spot.

Since then, I have kept up with UFC and Bellator MMA.

UFC has created a vlog series called UFC Embedded which takes fans behind the scenes into the lives of their favourite fighters on the fight card.

The episodes are around nine minutes long and show fans how the fighters workout before fighting, showcasing some of the exercises we can emulate to work on our physiques.

Wine and Weed

Wine and Weed exists as both a YouTube channel and podcast. The premise is exactly as you would expect. Steelo Brim (co-host of Ridiculousness) and Chris Reinacher discuss some of the week’s events while having some wine and weed. They also feature celebrity guests such as Michael B Jordan, Rob Dyrdek, and Ne-Yo. The laid-back atmosphere allows the conversation to flow freely and the hosts are entertaining.

Grant Hinds

Primarily a gamer, Grant Hinds is a local YouTuber who also specialises in tech reviews. An excitable and all-round nice guy, Hinds is very interesting to watch and his videos are concise, so you won’t waste your data on rambling. Even for those who are not interested in gaming or gaming tech, Hinds is worth the watch for his reviews on cameras, cellphones, and PCs/PC equipment, the hardware we all use daily and want to buy when we are informed about the product. Hinds also frequents many of the nerd culture events such as Playtopia, Fancon, and rAge Expo.

Landzy Gama

She is a young South African YouTuber and influencer. She is a bold, unapologetic woman who enjoys expressing herself and inspiring others. She joined YouTube in 2013 and since then she has grown her brand and following both on YouTube and her social media platforms. Currently on YouTube, she is sitting at 33k subscribers.

Vongani Mapho

Vongai Mapho was born in Zimbabwe but moved to South Africa at a very young age. She fell in love with make-up and decided to start her own YouTube channel, which covers vlogs, fashion and make-up tutorials. She also invites her subscribers to suggest content ideas, like inviting guests over and playing games like “never have I ever”. She has featured some of the well-known YouTubers like Mihlali Ndamase and also has been featured by some South African YouTubers. Her tutorials are on how to budget for make-up and many other interesting topics that her subscribers enjoy. She is currently sitting at 56.6k subscribers.

Lala Milan

Actress, comedian and media personality, Lala Milan is a true multi-hyphenate. On her YouTube channel, she showcases a variety of topics such as parodies, vlogs, Spanish videos, celebrity talks and make-up videos. She has become one of the best YouTubers and not only does she focus on YouTube, she also has a huge social media following. She has grown her following and is currently sitting at 326k subscribers.


Ear Hustle

Hosted by visual artist Nigel Poor and now formerly incarcerated inmate Earlonne Woods, Ear Hustle explored Woods’ experiences in San Quentin state prison in California.

From Woods’ personal experience to interviews with other prisoners, Ear Hustle showcases how brutal life can be in the US prison system. In November 2019, Woods was released from San Quentin after his sentence was commuted.

There are three full podcast seasons of Ear Hustle, with the fourth season scheduled for release on June 5, and will continue to look at life inside prison as well as adjusting to life after prison for Woods and others.

Podcast and Chill With MacG

On this channel, you will find weekly episodes where MacG sits down with different guests - a mix of celebrities and ordinary people.

On this channel, he sits down with a guest and they discuss everything, from careers to their relationships. He started this channel with his long-time friend Lenn Moleko and a third person who they describe as the beautiful ghost lady.

The channel has grown to 31.4k subscribers.

In My 20s podcast

This podcast is an honest conversation on self-discovery featuring discussions with people in their twenties who are navigating various aspects of their lives, including love, work, purpose and the quarter-life crisis.

Rutendo Nyamuda, podcast host for the series, speaks to guests from different backgrounds and sectors of society and finds out how they have navigated through their twenties.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics such as love, loss, career paths, depression, gender-based violence, xenophobia, and privilege.

Passing Through by Nneka Julia

In this podcast, Nneka Julia shares revelations and wisdom collected through travel, conversations, and self-education. She invites guests to discuss their past experiences, childhood trauma, break-ups, etc. This podcast focuses on what they have gone through to get to where they are today.


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