How drone technology can improve environmental management in SA

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 10, 2020


By Andile Nkosenhle Vilakazi and Isago Kaitshane

We are in the midst of fourth industrial revolution and the technology is advancing more than anyone can ever imagine. Drone Eye Technology objectives are in line with tech industry and artificial intelligence is raising bars to dominate the tech industry. It is highly efficient, reliable and accurate and our business wants to achieve it vision through the use of drone technology, solves tasks in few minutes which were time consuming. Pushing the boundaries of water protection, lifting environment efficiency to new heights and opening more possibilities for the future of natural resources.

Drone technology will attract young people to consider playing a role in environmental management. Millennials are thought to be more tech intelligent so drone technology will therefore create jobs for drone specialist enthusiasts and tech-preneurs who wish to diversify their field. Further investment to the youth for skills development in a form of trainings and workshops to promote drone technology and artificial intelligence.

SA Innovation Summit is leading the way to promote 4IR and AI. The innovation showcase and platform created by SA Innovation Summit serves as a huge boost for tech-start-ups to actually realise their dreams through a number of systems for networking with potential investors and access to market.

Sharing vital opportunities that will unlock the potential of each start-up business and learning from other entrepreneurs and researchers that share the same sentiments as you. I always believe it is essential to acquire knowledge and pass on that knowledge to the community at large to empower and enrich them.

*Andile Nkosenhle Vilakazi and Isago Kaitshane are co-founders and managers of Drone Eye Technology.

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