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Why companies should transform and adapt to 4IR

By Brandstories Time of article published Sep 4, 2020

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By Adi Kaimowitz

The past 10 years, has taught us a revolutionary lesson: the less physical stuff your business needs, the better. Industries have been transformed by specialists in “Highway theory”. The ability to become the go between for those offering products and those utilizing products.

Companies today, should avoid large monthly commitments like rent and salaries. Consider transforming these into digital customers and commission earning colleagues. If getting eyes in front of your product is unavoidable, the vending machine industry is a great reminder that a large store front is not necessary. Rather find ingenious ways to place your product in front of your customer.

Consider for a moment how difficult it was for a brand to become well known before the Internet. Today, the 4th industrial revolution empowers us to take interesting ideas and do three things efficiently. 1. Develop and design a product or service. 2. Get our team to collaborate without needing to be in the same office. 3. Let the world know about our product and how to get in touch with us. The big secret which has been let out of the bag, is that the big companies no longer control who can and can’t enter their previously exclusive market.

Adopting a Lean Mindset in how we operate our businesses, by outsourcing critical operational functions, ensures we can survive and thrive in the current climate. At the SA Innovation Summit, later this month, we’ll dive deeper into the topic of Disruption, how to build a winning global network, as well as why consortiums are the #futureofwork.

The South African Innovation Summit will take place from September 30 to October 1 and promises to be an event that shouldn't be missed!

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Adi Kaimowitz is a speaker at the South African Innovation Summit.

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