Jacques Sibomana, The founder of digital start-up Kuba. Photo: Twitter.
Jacques Sibomana, The founder of digital start-up Kuba. Photo: Twitter.

This start-up is dedicated to helping small businesses grow

By Gabriella Steyn Time of article published Oct 30, 2018

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CAPE TOWN – Jacques Sibomana, The founder of digital start-up Kuba was selected as one of the finalists for Seedstars World, a competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes is in South Africa.

Sibomana said: "I was inspired by informal business owners that continue to operate and employ people from there communities even though they receive very little support both from Corporate or government to grow their businesses."

The biggest challenge for Sibomana was getting the software to make his application ready. 

"Our challenge was to get corporate to buy into the software and start to use it to source small business owners

"The biggest challenge was to get corporate to use the platform, as well as lack of operational budget, but we have received a lot of support from the small businesses that are using the platform that continue to encourage to grow and expand across South Africa," said Sibomana. 

According to Sibomana, Kuba employs 4 people. 

How does Kuba work?

Kuba is a digital platform that simplifies procurement for corporate entities that currently work with, or seek, small businesses partners, especially Township-based small businesses.

1. Corporate Clients or individual (Buyers)

Kuba enables large companies to diversify their supplier pool and support small, black-owned, businesses. Kuba delivers vetted contracting opportunities across industries and services, from Welding, Carpentry, Décor, and Promotional Material to Accountants.

2. Small Business (Sellers/Vendors)

Vendors benefit from Kuba by professionalizing their offering to include polished quoting and invoicing along with the empirical credibility of past transactions needed to trade with the large corporate entity.

Sibomana not only used his own money but was able to get support to make his business a reality.

"Used personal funds and support from individuals that believed in the project, as well as grants from various challenges that Kuba won,' said Sibomana. 

For the future, Sibomana hopes that Kuba will be the answer for small businesses and their problems in emerging markets. 

"Kuba has a bright future, and we see it as the software for SMMEs across the emerging markets. We are working to make Kuba available beyond South African borders and we do believe that in the near future we should be able to see Kuba Everywhere," said Sibomana. 



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